Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25: Sad News

Today was 530 with Roberta. I went to practice with a bit of a heavy heart. I found out Bikram Red Rock is closed permanently. I lay my mat down next to Reggi and slogged my way through practice. I was having a rough go of it again but couldn't muster up enough energy to even care.
In light of the studio changes, and there only being two Bikram studios in town now, both quite a distance from my home/work this really changes things for me. Reggi has been rolling with the punches and doing moksha, power flow and bikram at the old studio. Bikram will be gone in Feb, replaced by "bikram style" classes. She shrugs when I ask how she feels about it and just says "as long as I get hot yoga and get a good workout I'm fine".
As much as I love and adore Bikram yoga, I may have to let go of my attachment to it for awhile and do what Reggi is doing. I don't know. Lots to think about.


  1. I'm sure a few will dissent with me on this, but Michelle, honestly, I think it's good to mix things up every now and then. By incorporating other styles of yoga or exercise, I don't think you're lessening your Bikram yoga practice. Hell, you might be enhancing it! You'll never know unless you try.

    Also... One of my most favorite teachers here in Boston practices other styles of yoga and even teaches other styles. We got to talking about this one day, and she said she got a bit of hell for it from other Bikram devotees. But to her?? Yoga is YOGA---she finds similar benefits (mental, emotional, and physical) in multiple styles. Her message to me was clear: Careful you don't get so hung up on the method that you forget the meaning.

    Good luck sorting through all your decision-making!

  2. Michelle, Ok I have to be honest here. I'm with Hannah on this. Yes, we all love our Bikram but mixing in other workouts wil be great for you! Especially since you've struggling a bit with it lately. Adding something new to your routine will only make you love Bikram more. As they say, variety is the spice of life.
    Everyone's different and for some, Bikram is their one and only love. Of course I love practicing Bikram too but as you know I love to run, bike, dance, kayak(weather permitting), and really do just about anything that keeps me moving. I think this will be great for you. And the struggles you feel in your Bikram practice? I'm betting they will disappear.

    This is certainly a great deal to sort out. No doubt. But this is a great opportunity for you. Explore new things, find new challenges. Embrace the changes and have fun with it. :)

    Good luck my dear!

  3. I'm sorry to hear this. Although the others above have a point about being open to new things, the bottom line is that your access to authentic bikram is drying up--or at least it will not be available without a great deal of inconvenience. Of course this is a loss, and I think it's very short sighted of the studio owner to make this change when he/she already has a dedicated bikram clientele.

  4. That is really unfortunate. Do you know why they are phasing out the authentic Bikram classes? Perhaps it has to do with their willingness to pay into the BIkram franchise.

    I think a change is good, and exploring other class options will be good for you. But it also sucks to not be able to do something that you really love and are passionate about.

    Perhaps in the next few months as you explore different types of "Hot Yoga", a new Bikram Studio will spring up somewhere closer to you...or you will develop an equitable, yet unique passion for other forms of never know!

  5. Hi everybody~ I am ok with trying other things, I know it will work diff muscles and be good for my body. My old studio is no longer allowed to teach bikram, so although there are alot of students who will be upset, there is nothing they can do. Once you start teaching other forms of yoga in your studio, that violates the agreement and you quickly get a letter from bikram telling you to stop teaching his style. so changes changes changes! Roll with the punches i suppose. I will continue to make the long drive up to summerlin to finish out my 101 days and then i will have to decide what to do long term. somebody should come open another bikram studio in las vegas! **hint hint**

  6. As gone over. Of course another studio will open up here, you know that!

  7. Sorry to hear about Bikram Red Rock. Why do you think it failed?

    Of course, one way to look at doing other styles is that it affords another opportunity for letting go. The main thing is taking advantage of what is available to you. In some ways, the poses are only the smallest part of the yoga itself.

  8. That is quite a bummer. I'm sorry, babe!! I know you were soooo excited about that studio! But yeah... nothing to do but roll with it and hope that the unwelcome changes will be followed by GREAT changes in the future!

    At least there ARE other options - just less convenient ones. I hear ya on that. Like how I used to be able to get to advanced class really easily, and now I have to drive 2 hours for it. Do I go less often now? Yes. Do I replace it with other things? Yes. Do I "improvise" a lot more? Yes. Do I still carve out time to go when I can? OF COURSE!!

    As you said, you are "bikram yoga chick"... if you ditched Bikram you'd have to give up your name!! Hehe. I think I know exactly who Hannah is talking about, by the way, and she's a really good friend of mine. I really like what she's been doing, too. But she DOES still come home to Bikram at the end of the week... ;-)

    Diane has a sign on the wall at her studio that says, "change is inevitable, growth is optional." I like that.

  9. It will solve itself to the best of ways possible. As Bikram sais in one of his books, if it isn't solved to the best it isn't solved yet.
    Something like that, I can't quote it right, right now as the book as at home. But I hope I can get through the meaning.

    It will be to the best.

    But I am still sorry to hear about this as it means more mind-trouble for you right now.

    More trust? ;-)

  10. Green Valley studio is too far away I guess? Went there a few weeks ago. Good studio. No messin around.

  11. I am sorry to hear about the Red Rock studio. I am surprised that the owners didn't know that they couldn't teach different styles of yoga. This is a well-known requirement.

    Anyway, I am sure you will find a way to make it work. The good news is that you have 2 other studios in LV. This is luxury. In some small cities, there are no options. I know ...I know, it's a major inconvenience but this is available to you!! And of course, you can always mix it up. I practice both power vinyasa and bikram yoga. I find them both very challenging and rewarding!!

  12. Hi Cirita~ red rock was only teaching bikram. they went under for other reasons. very sad. bikram southwest is the one teaching other styles and is no longer a bikram studio (by choice, the owner moved away on purpose)
    like you said, we do still have two other bikram studios left, summerlin and green valley. they are just far away and the times dont work very well for me. frustrating! :)

  13. ohhhh that sucks. Sorry about my confusion !! I am up to date now ;) Don't worry Michelle, you'll find a solution for this!! Hey, you never know. Maybe you'll end up joining forces with Greg or J,
    going to BY TT and opening a BY studio down the road!! :)Seriously, I have the feeling that new Bikram studios will open in the near future. You live in LV babe!!!!

  14. cirita~ trust me, we are all confused here! LOL. The studio drama has been crazy! I am sure more will open in the future though. It's a big city and the bikram studios are always busy...good invenstment for somebody!