Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: Solid

Today was 1:30 with Yuko. After getting run over by the yoga truck yesterday I was a bit nervous. Which is why I picked an afternoon class. I'm so tight in the mornings, I figured I would go later in the day and give myself a bit of a leg up on the practice, so to speak. While parking my car, I scanned the parking lot. No sign of the yoga truck. That didn't mean it was lurking in studio laundry room, revving it's engine, waiting to run me over again. The class was fairly busy, quite humid and several postures seemed to be held a bit longer than normal. Triangle second set standing out in my mind mostly. I remember thinking "holy crap! she's helping somebody still! Dude just do what she says, we are dying! I'm coming out, forget this! Wait, no I'm not, I won't give up on myself!" Finally it was over and I came out of it, struggling a bit for breath and not very graceful on the exit. The important thing is I stayed in. I stayed in that and every other posture. I had a solid class. Not rockstar, not train wreck. Just solid. I'll take it!

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  1. Solid is good. Very good, in fact. Opportunities to practice perseverance. :)

  2. Yay! Happy that you had a solid day!!!

    And I totally understand what you mean when a teacher holds you in a pose longer b/c (s)he is helping someone and your mind is screaming "JUST DO WHAT THE FRAKKIN' TEACHER SAYS RIGHT NOW!!! DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU THAT YOU ARE TORTURING THE REST OF US?!!!!!!!" And yes, it always seems to be triangle when this happens. You are better than me. Often, I don't win the battle and come out early.

    The whole experience reminds me of a scene from Seinfeld where the episode takes place in the NYC subway and Elaine is stuck in a crowded subway car that suddenly stops in the tunnel and no one knows why. She starts to get claustrophobic and the audience hears her mind saying and eventually screaming, "Why isn't this train moving? Why did we stop? It's really crowded here. Move. Move! MOVE!!!!! Oh God what is that? I someone touching me?" Hilarious!

  3. LOL -- ok, I just had to find the link to the Seinfeld episode!!!

  4. TOTALLY feel you on the part where you said the teacher helps someone and keeps you in the posture too long! Ha!! I love reading these, cause everyone pretty much feels the same way about these things;) good luck! i'm doing the 30 day for the first time! YAY:)

  5. If you think that's bad, one time I had a teacher work with me on Camel for a good minute or longer. Great for me, probably not so great for the other people:)

  6. Iz~ perseverance....yes!
    AHappyYogi~ Thanks!
    Action JoJo~ Yes, that was an awesome episode! So funny how it relates!
    Cat~ Good luck on the 30 day!
    BigG~ Uh oh, you were THAT guy! LOL

  7. Thank you for such a great post I can relate to. I read your post this morning and went to class tonight and the EXACT same thing happened - loooong corrections in triangle. And I remembered your post and your words of wisdom...."Don't give up on yourself", and I stuck with it because of your post. I had one of the best classes ever!

  8. SmilingHappyYogi~ I'm so glad my words helped you. Sometimes it's so hard when our poor little legs are shaking and our minds are screaming at us! :)