Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3: It's Baaaaaack!

That's right folks. The yoga truck was back again today! This challenge is starting off quite rocky. Good thing I wrote that post on the Bikram 101 site yesterday about not being attached to results! I guess I'll take my own advice today and let it go.
I'll give you the shakedown: 3:30 with Yuko. The room was hot and we were in the postures forever. I'm not exaggerating at all. Party time after eagle I looked at the clock and 28 mins had passed! I was wiped out already. Lots of us were. Looking around the room I saw lots of people had trouble with the standing one legged series, including a teacher! It. Was. Brutal. What ensued after that was just ridiculous. The yoga truck came barreling out of the studio laundry room where it was lying in wait. It ran me over, backed up, flipped me off and threw a lit cigarette out the window. It was so bad that I am pretty sure I was in savasana for at least a third of the floor series. I was completely done.
It's ok. I'm letting it go and moving on to tomorrow!


  1. Look at it from the bright side! He didn't step out to stomp on the lit cigarette on your tummy. :-)

    It's ok to have those days, we will all have them, you are just getting them in the first so you can truly appreciate the good ones that will come.

  2. aHappyYogi~My theory is I'm detoxing from the holidays. :) Should be over soon I hope!

  3. Oh! Not fun, but the good news? That class? She's history and you will rock class today! Enjoy and good luck BYC!

  4. You will soon be over the detoxing! I so hope you will get a great class today!

  5. Boo to the yoga truck!

    Glad you're still excited about the challenge! Happy New Year!!

  6. That clock's gotta go!! Some days you just gotta lie down are where you are on those days and there aint much you can do about it!

    I'm not doing the 101 challenge but you guys are inspiring me to crank it up this year...I've done 2 classes for 2010 and off to one this afternoon. YAY love it.

    Good luck with 101!

    Liss (Australia)

  7. Omigosh, M! Your post just made me laugh out loud! I'm not laughing at you. I'm just laughing at how precise your description of the yoga truck is that I had such perfect vision in my head.

    It won't last, don't worry.

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