Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26: Two Behind

Well this sucks. I'm now two behind, as it's 6pm and I'm sitting at home instead of heading out to the 7pm yoga. I had every intention of going, but alas, mother nature foiled my plans. I won't go into detail. I'll just tell you I'm a highly stressed female and leave it at that. Yeah. Bummer. Gah. I'm frustrated! You know what, Feb 14th marks the start of the chinese new year. I'm thinking that's when all of this crazy tiger super strength will kick in and beat all of my stress up for me and like a super hero it will infuse me with crazy awesome yogini strength and I'll not only make up my 2 classes but I'll do a bunch of other doubles "for fun" because I'll be all strong and warrior like with my hair swirling around and my muscles bulging.....
Ok. I'm exaggerating. A girl can dream, right?
Hope you all had amazing classes today. Don't worry, I'm staying positive and I WILL CATCH UP and I WILL STOP HAVING TOUGH CLASSES. The glass is half full God damn it!


  1. Take care of yourself when you've got health issues. I have just been diagnosed with something and have been advised to ease off my practice for a while. It is really humbling, and honestly, it just plain sucks, but I'm going to have to cut back on the amount of days/week for a while. But sometimes we gotta pull back a little before we dive forward!

  2. How about Wonder Woman!!!! (I can see you spinning now, just like Linda Carter). Of course you'll catch up and work it out. Lots of time for that.

  3. So sorry to hear about Red Rock - such a pretty studio too! :(

    Hmm.. year of the Tiger.. let me research it up for you my friend... Last year was MY year! *beams

    OK, now you really know how old I am.

  4. Hope your having a better day today. :)

  5. Stress is nothing to play with.

    The year of the Tiger has started, I know!
    We have had the most stressful release today.
    We have made the impossible possible today, one of my colleauges in Vienna is a Tiger, I have socks with tigers on. We have made it!

    I'm sending you lots and lots and lots of TigerStrength!

  6. Of course you'll catch up! It's only two classes, and you have plenty of time to do so!

  7. Hope you feel better today!! I am sure you'll catch up. Yeahh, it's only 2 classes, easy peasy for you.

  8. hang in there! i'm amazed if i can get to my bikram class two days in a row, let alone 60! it's okay to give your body a rest every now and then so don't beat yourself up! keep up the good work :)

  9. Poor thing! Oh well. PLENTY of time to catch up and even get ahead, though I dunno about the hair swirling bit... I always look like a drowned cat by the end of class!!