Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29: I'm going to cross my fingers...I'll cross everything to be safe

Today was 530 at the old studio with Dominique. They haven't phased out the Bikram yet, so I'll pop over there now and then. Still love the teachers and have alot of friends there so it's nice to keep in touch. Dominique is just a little Canadian fireball and everybody loves her. She's newly married and happy as a clam and it shows. She is overflowing with happiness and it comes out in her teaching. The room was pretty darn packed and it was quite humid. I had a very strong class again. I mean aside from watching myself like a hawk in the mirror the first 30 mins to ensure I didn't flash anybody, I was very focused and strong again. I got a new Poppi Wear top that was on sale the other day and it's a bit low cut. Looks almost like a bikini top! I was standing there before class looking in the mirror thinking, wow, I hope the girls don't make an appearance! Here I am in the front row in a packed class! Aside from showing a bit more cleavage than normal (sorry fellow yogis!) it was fine. That seems to be universal for women, fidgeting with new yoga costumes!
Well, this was three days in a row of feeling strong, focused, balanced, flexible and NOT suffering. I am so happy I could jump up and down and do a happy dance right now! I'm going to cross my fingers in hopes that the abnormal tortuous suffering I had been enduring is gone, at least for a little while!


  1. The top is really cute! I'm doing the jumping up and down dance for you =)

  2. I want to see a picture of the cute top! :)
    Congrads on your Bikram yoga challenges!!!
    Its not everyone who has that kind of drive. keep it up and never give up :)


  3. Poppi~ Oh how we miss you! Photos of your baby on facebook are soooo gorgeous! Congrats!
    I will try to get brave and take a pic with the top on...maybe at the end of the challenge. :)