Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4: In memory of Ren

Today was 530 with Roberta. It was packed (hello New Years Resolution people!), humid, hot, brutal. Good news is I had a solid practice again and didn't need to call 911. Every other class is my pattern so far....bad, ok, horrible, ok. It's OK, I'll take it! I am not sure why this challenge is starting out so rough for me, I've done others in the past and have never experienced this. Proof that it doesn't matter how many you do or how long you have practiced. The "challenge" is "challenging" for all of us!

Last week Ren Soriano passed away. He was one of Bikram's senior instructors and very well known and well loved in the Bikram community. I was privileged to take his class while he was passing through Las Vegas once. You can read about it here.
Tomorrow his services are being held in Hollywood. I'm going to dedicate my practice to him tomorrow night. If you knew him, please join me in doing so.



  1. Yup, the challenge is challenging. It really helps me, though, to hear about other challenge peeps' experiences, and I am loving your blog.

    I never met Ren, but my teachers all hold him in high regard, and our whole Bikram community mourns his passing. Thank you for the suggestion to honor him with our practice tomorrow. I will do so too.

  2. I'm really sad about this. But gorgeous idea, Michelle. Now I know what to say on tomorrow morning's Challenge blog...

  3. I'm glad you had a good class again.

    I haven't met Ren either but I have heard of him with a lot of positive words and I am sad to hear that he passed away. I will join you in your suggestion to honor my practice for him today.

  4. I remember when ren started studying and practicing with Bikram.... he was dedicated like no other... a true friend and sincere yogi.
    Have a Blessed Practice today and every day...
    Peace... Chokae'

  5. What a beautiful idea Michelle. You have such a good heart! :)

  6. bikramyogachick,
    so sad to hear of ren's passing. i had the pleasure of taking one of his classes last time he was in town and remember him being very kind, energetic and funny. do you mind my asking what happened??

  7. Thank you all for your support! I don't have any details of what happened. We just know Ren was ill and in the hospital prior to his passing.