Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 10: 1/3 of Halfway.....

Or 1/6 of the way through.  Anyway you slice it, ten classes down, fifty to go.  I went to the 5pm class tonight with Frank.  Yes, fantastic Frank.  I was in the big room again (odd times are in there) and it was not all that hot.  Frank had a nice energy as usual and I had a solid class.  I was not exerting myself at all, I was kind of melting into my breath.  Funny how sometimes I exert so much and almost start panting and get nowhere in my yoga that day.  Today, just relaxing into my breath I actually nailed a quite satisfying standing bow pulling pose.  I even got a "beautiful Michelle" from Frank.  Too bad I didn't hold that wonderful posture for the full minute, but hey, I'll take the 15 or 20 seconds I was in it over the classes where I constantly just fall out, fall out and exhaust myself.  The only other thing to report is that indeed, the scale is constantly giving me that higher more evil weight.  The day 1 weigh in was not correct.  So I have farther to go than I thought.  On that note, I started a food journal today.  I want to lose weight, I work my ass off in yoga but then I don't pull the food plan together and execute a solid weight loss plan.  The food trips me up and has been tripping me up for almost ten years now.  I realize that I need to NOT go on another diet, rather I need to change my relationship with food.  I think I am afraid of failing again and therefore I walk around not trying.  Which is no excuse.  There, I've posted my fear on the Internet.  Hopefully it loses some of its power!  I'm walking around in tight size 14 slacks because I refuse to give in and start the upward size trend again.  Its just too heartbreaking, I won't do it.  As soon as I put on those loose 16's to get some relief that will be the end of it.  I'll never see the 14's again.  No way will I say sayanora to something that I haven't been able to wear since 1998.  I just barely got back into them this year during my last 60 day challenge!  

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