Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 4- A broken scale, an annoying comment and two french people

The scale.  Oh lord, the scale.  Ok, so out of habit (a bad habit) I hopped on the scale today.  It said I was SIX pounds heavier than the day 1 weigh in.  What?  Half asleep, I drag the scale out of the closet it resides in, center it in the middle of the bathroom floor and step on it again.  Still the same.  Frustrated, I move the scale again, to a different spot on the floor.  The same.  So now I have no idea what is going on.  Was it wrong the other day, and this larger much more disturbing number is correct?  Sighing in disgust, I dragged the offending scale back into the closet, shut the door and decided not to dwell on it further.
I went to the 5pm yoga class tonight, with Dray.  Love having a Dray class.  I went in the room, lay my mat down in the middle row like usual and went into the locker room.   As I finished up changing and was ready to leave, two girls came in talking in an "attitude" voice.  Being the parent of a teenager, my ears perked right up when I heard that tone.  I am not familiar with them, they must be newer students.  Anyway, they were complaining to each other about people putting their mats in the middle row.  The comment went  something like this:  "There are two rows, front and back, why do they have to put their mats in the middle, I mean like if they want to lead the class then put the mat in the front and step up".  Something like that.  I know I don't have it verbatim, but close enough.  Completely irritated (because I always go in the middle row!) I went into the yoga room to lay in savasana for the remaining 5 minutes before class.  My mind was whirring:  "who do they think they are?  this room is huge and was built to have four rows.  It can fit 70 yoga students for Gods sake!  But we only usually have 15 to 30 so we just always occupy 3 rows.  Anybody who's been going here for any amount of time knows there are 3 rows!!" and yada yada yada.  I was in a blather!  Boy oh boy was I annoyed! 
Luckily for me, we had two very enthusiastic very funny new students.  One male, one female, both from France.  Their friend, a fellow yoga student literally dropped them off at the studio for class without really letting them know they were in for.  They did all of the postures and the guy was hilarious.  The faces he would make, and the occasional groaning were cracking up Dray.  When Dray is amused by somebody, well, its just infectious.  By the end of the class, I had a great big smile on my face and the middle row comment was a non-issue.  In fact, I probably would've smiled and laughed with the gal who said it if I saw her, comment forgotten!  I loved the French guys enthusiasm.  It was great and reminded me why I love this yoga so very much.  Its such an experience, such a journey and it brought me back to my first class a little over a year ago.  How far I've come!

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