Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 14: Yogis Unite

Today was the big Yogis Unite for George event at my yoga studio.  The picture to the right is, you guessed it, me with George himself.  Its not a flattering pic of me, but I wanted you to see George so I'll put vanity aside and post it anyway.  I've mentioned Georges story before, but I'll give you the short version:  George and Dray went in for their physical for teacher training and George was told his kidneys were failing and only working at 7%.  He is on dialysis and our studio is raising money to help him with his transplant surgery which is in July.  His sister is donating one of her kidneys.  Dray and Sharon, another teacher at our studio formed this non profit Yogis unite group and organized the whole fundraising effort.  It was amazing.
Ashley and I arrived there at 10am and worked at this table selling raffle and food tickets until 2:    
The whole parking lot was roped off and there were yoga demonstrations, a karate demonstration, some singing and Dray and the Heavyheads were DJ'ing.  The food tickets I sold were good for popcorn, water, cotton candy and zico.  The aroma cafe was selling hot dogs for 2 bucks.  There were booths for face painting and a dunking booth which Ashley loved.  She even got in it to be dunked because it was so hot.
I went to 4pm yoga class with Kirk and he was amazing.  He got us out of there in 80 minutes which I appreciated after being outside all day.
Pics:  Karate demonstration, Linda (a yoga student) singing, the dunking booth, advanced yoga demonstrations, Ashley getting her face painted

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