Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 6: Fantastic Frank

Went to 5pm yoga today and it was Frank teaching. Yippee!! He is one of my favorites. You'll hear me say that about alot of different teachers actually, because I love the teachers at our studio. Because of the number of classes we have (6am to 11pm there is a class every hour on the hour- we have two yoga rooms), we have a ton of teachers and they are truly all wonderful in their own way.
I had an ok class, my foot decided to cramp up in triangle. I fell out of 1st set left side because of it, sat down, rubbed the cramp out and jumped up for second set. I realized something today. Third part of awkward I was going down too far, kind of letting my butt "settle" almost down to my heels. Today I tried to really squeeze those knees, keep them forward, and be raised up slightly, just enough so that i'm really using my thighs. Ouch! I think I discovered something good...I'll verify with a teacher before I proceed any further, but I really do think I was sinking into it too much. Any yogis reading this, feel free to comment.
I've written a little about things I would like to accomplish during this challenge: getting closer to the wrap in eagle, kicking my leg out now and then in standing head to knee and losing a few pounds. I'd like to add two more to that: not using my trusty washcloth and having one water free class. The washcloth is evil. Here is what I have used it for: I drape it over my chins for the last part of wind removing pose when you have both legs up, because i was having trouble getting my arms to stay wrapped around with all of that slippery sweat. I also use it in spine twisting posture at the end, I drape it over the knee on the bent leg. Yesterday and today I decided to stop using it for both of those things. Well, needless to say, I am having a hell of a time in wind removing with those slippery legs now! I'm ok with the one leg at a time part, I've developed one hell of a grip. I suppose the strength in the arms to keep myself in the third part will come as well. The spine twisting wasn't an issue, I guess I didn't really need the washcloth for that after all.
Tomorrow is a double. I am going at 10am and again at 5pm. This is the make up for my half-of-a-class fiasco on day 2. I'm actually looking forward to it, as I've only ever done two yoga classes in one day just one other time. It will be fun!

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