Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 11: "My Brandy's back and you're gonna be in trouble!"

Hey la, hey la, my Brandy's back!  Brandy is a super rockin', young, very awesome teacher.  She is not only a GREAT teacher who pushes us (and is nice about it!) but is GREAT at the yoga herself and also teaches the advanced class.  Brandy is very encouraging and I always want to work hard and with integrity even more than normal when I am in her class.  Its funny because I was working hard tonight and had a couple of pretty decent standing bow poses and I almost wanted to yell out "Brandy! Look at me! Look at me! I'm in standing bow for 30 seconds!"  You know, I've always had teachers pet issues and I suppose there is no reason that would change as an adult!  I was always teachers pet in school when I was young (we are talking elementary school) and even when I stopped striving to be the pet (high school) I was still a very good student and very well behaved to boot.
I'm excited that Brandy is back.  That also means the trainees are back and I cannot wait to take their classes.  Brandy was down in Acapulco helping out with the 9 week training course.  We (meaning Las Vegas) had 5 (I think its 5) trainees down there.  That's a pretty impressive number considering the expense of the training itself, not to mention putting your life on hold for that long and still finding a way to pay the bills that do not stop coming while you are there.  Its overwhelming to me to think of the logistics of it all.  That's why I try not to worry about it.  To have faith that the universe works things out and brings us opportunities.  What I am getting at is this:  (ssshhhh...this is a secret don't tell anyone!!)  
I am going to teacher training someday.
I will be a Bikram yoga teacher.  


  1. i love your blog! i do bikram in austin and love it, too. kudos on your 60-day commitment! good luck!

  2. Michelle!
    Oh, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Brandy's class a training, she is a stunning teacher, had a beautiful practice and is a lovely person to boot.

    You will go to training, and everyone who is supposed to be there gets there somehow. Don't stress, just trust!

    Keep going on your 90 days - the other Vegas people were fantastic, I can't wait to hear about their classes!