Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 29: A very humid but non hot room

Not sure how this happened but the room was totally humid, I mean I was drip drip dripping like a faucet, but it wasn't hot at all.  It was the strangest thing.  They must be having equipment issues right now.
Its funny because I had visions of doing a double both Saturday and Sunday. Of course that was before Saturday. Once I actually did the double yesterday, I was like "there is no way I'm doing another one tomorrow". So I'll be doing one next weekend but splitting up the two classes I'm sure. A late morning and late afternoon class works very well.
Today I went to 4pm with Chris. He was funny today with his dialog. Just brain farting left and right. Saying "look back, fall back, way back" during a posture that doesn't call for it in the dialog and then messing up triangle so badly he started literally saying "blah blah blah, change!". It was hilarious. He was so very gracious about it and joked that he was a blond and it was all good because there was only about six or seven of us in there with no beginners, so we all know what to do anyway and were amused by his dialog mess ups. I am sure its difficult to do in the first place so it was cute that he had an off class. He just got back from training and has already taught about 28 classes. I've had him twice before and he is really doing great. You can tell today he was just jacked up, he said it was from taking a John Salvatore class today at 1. He also mentioned that John will be teaching Sundays at 1 for awhile, so I will be sure to try and catch his class. I hear he is amazing, a senior teacher known throughout the Bikram community and we are lucky to have him here right now. I think I overheard that he is here because he's in Jersey boys down on the strip, but don't quote me on that.
My lower back pain came back today. Bummer. I'll have to see how I do this week. Cannot miss any classes! Already have two more to make up still!

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