Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 18: Suck your stomach in

So I was a little worried before yoga about my back again.  It wasn't unwarranted, as everytime I got up out of my chair at work I would let out a little moan as my back creaked and stretched.  Oy vey.  The advice I got from teachers at my studio was to just really work on sucking my stomach in to support my lower back.  This advice I received because I made it clear that it wasn't sharp pains, just soreness.  Well, I must admit, sucking my stomach in did make a difference today.  I really focused on that during the standing head to knee (because you are leaning over with your foot in your hand, it does put pressure on your back) and also during the situps in the floor series.  So sore back and all,  I made it through practice today with a little less pain.  Dray was teaching again today (5pm again) and it was a nice class.  A little on the cold side, but nice nonetheless.  Funny, it was probably 100 in there, but thats too "cold" for me.  How ironic does that sound?  
Well, tomorrow is crazy bowling and 9m yoga day, followed by work on Friday (so 5pm yoga that day) and then the Craig Villani seminar all day Saturday from 9 to 5.  Then Sunday brings the new twist of Jenny into the picture.  I'm nervous, excited and a little full of dread all at the same time.  I understand the long road ahead of me to lose this weight (35 pounds is ultimate goal, 20 for my reunion in September) and that I have to commit for life if I want to stop bouncing around once and for all.  I know that, and have always known that, yet I have failed to get to a healthy weight even once in the last ten years.  Honestly, its gone by fast, so to actually type out TEN years seems crazy.  But there you have it.  I've been doing this yoga for approx 14 months now and have seen a lot of changes in myself mentally, physically and spiritually and I will only continue to grow as I continue to practice.  So I feel like this really is a good time to tackle this monkey that has been on my back for so long.

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