Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 30: Halfway there (+2)

Ok, so I just did 28 classes in 30 days.  Cool.  Tonight was 5pm with Dray.  It was humid as all get out (again) and was quite a challenge. Because it was Dray it was crowded, which was cool because I love the energy that a nice crowded Dray class brings.  And guess what!  The guy who went to training with a busted knee was practicing right behind me!  That was cool.  I've got to get to one of his classes.  (Crap, was his name Mark?  I'll have to figure that out!)
I felt pretty good today.  The back was stiff but not painful.  I feel like I have a second wind to go full steam ahead and not only do the next 30 days but make up the two I still need to make up!

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  1. Oh Girlfriend You Are AMAZING! I said I was coming home to read tonight....I pulled up your blog...I really haven't had time - or made time to read it. So once I got started tonight I just kept on...and have been reading about you and yoga and life for the past 2 hours. I have laughed, had a few tears, and many connections. I would write more, but now I am tired...just let me say again you are an amazing woman and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Let's hang out a bit more! Perhaps a double this weekend to catch you up and move me along....or dinner some evening after a 5 o'clock class. I know you're doing Jenny, so I would come to your house if that works best. Have a great tomorrow!