Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 22: Jenny, No more pain and a whole new world

So today I went to see Jenny.  Starting weight: 191.  My goal is to lose 20lbs by September 20th.  Then to continue on and get down to 155.  I was very reluctant to try Jenny because of the whole pre packaged food thing.  However, with work and yoga combined I am putting in 12 hour days and this will actually help me out immensely.  Much to my relief, the lady who signed me up today also explained how they do wean you off the Jenny food eventually and teach you to be on maintenance on the correct amount of calories eating all food you prepare yourself.  I actually did not know that.  You can still buy food there if you want of course, and even just buy maybe like breakfast and or lunch for 5 days to keep yourself in line.  Whatever works.  Due to my Bikram practice she started me on 1500 calories per day as opposed to 1200.  So we will see how that works.  After my appointment I went to the store to get my salad and fruit and veggies and I am all set.  Ready to start tomorrow.  I am actually excited and well, relieved.  Relieved that I am doing something about this monkey that has been on my back (well, more like my butt and hips judging from this "before" picture) for 10 years.  I've always been up and down with my weight my whole life, but the last 10 years has just been up.
Now back to yoga.  First off let me just say that I have committed to myself to continue on to 100 days instead of the 60.  I will also keep this blog up the whole time and here is why: A couple of days I wanted to skip and do a double another day.  Then I thought about not blogging that day and having to explain my stupid excuse to the www.  I didn't like that at all and dragged myself there and of course was happy I did.  So I guess this just keeps me accountable.  Being a single person, perhaps I need that a little.  Hey, if it works than I'll use it!  
Today I went to 4pm yoga with Chris.  I had a pretty good class aside from coming out of a posture a few times (bad Michelle!).  My back soreness is GONE!  Wooo hooo!  It left and now that its gone a whole new world has opened up back there.  Suddenly my forward fold is different.  My face is actually about to go below my knees and I can press my face to my legs elbows bent and just about lock my knees.  In addition, the last stretching posture where you walk your hips back left and right and left and right is a completely different posture for me now.  I've always been able to lock my knees and get my heels off the ground but it stopped there.  Now I am able to start getting my stomach on my thighs a little.  I pull and pull and try to keep pressing my stomach down and then the elbows start to bend down towards the ground on either side of my calves.  I have never achieved anything near that.  Obviously my lower back opened up.  I guess I had what can be called a breakthrough.  Awesome!

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