Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 28: My First Back to Back Double

Ah, where to begin.  Well first of all let me just tell you right up front that I made it through both classes.  I planned pretty well and that helped.   Its pretty intense to do three hours of hot yoga and I can't imagine being at a point where I could have a great class someday and just say "I think I'll stick around for the next one!"
I went to the 3pm and the 5pm and Frank was teaching both classes (good choice Michelle!).  I packed well....two yogi toes, two yoga outfits, an outfit for after a hand towel, washcloth and bath towel, two smart waters (one frozen) and my 32 oz purple water bottle with half vitamin water, half water and another container with the same mix.  I actually packed too much water, but I was for sure just being extra careful, as I really seem to sweat more than all the other women and maybe even more than some of the men. 
My first class went fine.  I felt pretty strong and overall had a good practice.  I went out to the lobby, purchased some salt pills and took two.  I did that because for some reason my mind went into a little bit of panic mode in between classes.  I was thinking, oh no, what if I cramp up, or just can't make it?  I also drank some vitamin water, changed and sat for awhile trying to Psyche myself up.  Two girls I know, Shelley and Leslie showed up for the 5pm class and layed their mats one on either side of me.  I was so happy about that because I told both of them I was doing my first double and I could feel them giving me energy.  
The start of the second class I freaked out a little.  My shoulders were killing me in pranayama breathing and in half moon my feet felt weird....a little numb or something.  Awkward and eagle just about killed me and as I was drinking water during party time I thought to myself "what the f@#k did you get yourself into?"  My muscles were screaming at me.  I somehow made it through the rest of the class only sitting out one camel.  A couple of times I caught Shelleys eye in the mirror, with what I'm sure was a look of complete and total agony and she smiled at me.  Thank God for Shelley!  Frank was on a roll and finished both classes in 85 minutes.  I must say, laying in final savasana after the second class I thought to myself, "bless you Frank, I don't know what I would have done if somebody had gone over".  I would've made it I'm sure, but the whole thing was harder than I thought it would be.  I really had to focus and breath during that second class.  It wasn't my mind that was freaking out, rather my body was a little shocked and reacted with tired, sore muscles. 
Would I do a double again?  Well, I have two classes to make up still, so I have no choice.  Will I do them back to back?  Maybe.  But the one time I did a double before I split them up , 11 am and then came back for 5pm and I had no issues.  It felt like doing class on two different days.  I received some advice that I would be able to go deeper into the postures that second class and for the record I want to say I actually went deeper in the first class.  Interesting.  I suppose I was too tired to push the edge and didn't do as well second class.  Oh well, I made it and that's the important thing!

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  1. Hey mamma!

    I've done a lot of doubles. a LOT and they are all different. Sometimes the first class is better, sometimes the second. Sometimes both, sometimes neither. The first few doubles you do, you really do feel like you've lost your mind. But it gets better. I like to do mine back to back, but sometimes I also do an earlier class then a later class. Play with it, and don't give up! Doubles can advance your practice in SO many ways. Just remember to stay really hydrated on those double days..