Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 12: Tony Jo the Tiger

Already my midsection is starting to feel a little, well, thinner.  Yay!
Tonight was bowling night again.  So the work all day, mad dash up to the house to pick up my daughter, mad dash to bowling at 6pm then mad dash to yoga at 9 routine was repeated.  Tonight was not bad though, partially because I took a vacation day tomorrow and I know I can sleep in.  Tony Jo taught the class tonight and was wearing the famous "Bengal tiger" yoga shorts.  At teacher training alot of students wear those because Bikram always talks about how we need to use our "English bulldog determination" and our "Bengal tiger strength".  I had a pretty decent class with Tony Jo and her tiger shorts.  I felt bad for my daughter though, she had a tummy ache from eating chicken wings at the bowling alley and she did yoga with me at 9 in complete misery.  She was a trooper and stayed in the room even though she said she vomited a little in her mouth.  eeewww!  

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