Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 7: Michelle A's Last Day

This is Michelle A and I. We just got done a hot, juicy, sweaty 10am class with Oksana and now we are downstairs from the studio eating lunch at the Aroma Cafe. We are out in a patio type area and there is a nice fountain behind us (not sure if you can quite see that). Michelle is leaving my studio and will be going to the new one out in Green Valley. Its alot closer to her home and her work and will be more convenient for her. I will miss her a ton. Her and another gal named Shelley did the last challenge with me and the three of us really bonded. I love my yoga friends.

I was going to do two classes today to make up for the missed half class and then I remembered that I am taking a few days vacation this month and will be staying home (a "staycation"), so I will do two classes on one of those extra days. I had a hard time this morning at the 10am class, couldn't catch my breath in the standing series. That happens to me often in that smaller room, its always more humid and hot as an oven so I feel my strength getting sapped quicker. That's OK with me though, I hate getting complacent so I welcome the different experiences I get in the two different rooms and with all of the awesome teachers. I will miss Michelle. Did I already say that? :)

Pic: Me and Michelle with our food. She had a yummy chicken Caesar salad wrap and I had the veggie toast. Both come with an awesome little side salad.

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