Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 13: Friday the 13th....

and my daughter is 13!  I guess I 'll just embrace the number 13 today.  I took a vacation day from work and Ash and I ran errands.  You know, got her braces fixed (a wire came out), oil change and wash for the car and a trip to the library.  After all of that we headed on over to 5pm yoga with fabulous Frank.  We both had a great class, but especially Ashley.  For the first time ever, she did every single posture, both sets.  She did not sit out for anything as is her habit.  She said she felt great and I was so happy for her!  She started practicing in Jan of this year and doesn't go all that often, so it was a huge breakthrough for her.  Of course I'm hoping that will mean she wants to come with me more often, but I don't push it on her.  I want her to fall in love with it all on her own, or not.  Its her choice.  I'll be honest, a secret little dream of mine is that we go to teacher training together when she turns 18.  Wouldn't that be awesome?
I promise a nice juicy post with lots of pictures tomorrow.  Ashley and I will be at our yoga studio all day for the big Yogis Unite event.  They will have yoga demonstrations and all sorts of food booths, a jumpy thing for the kids, the news will be there and other goodies!  Its going to be in the parking lot and Ashley and I volunteered to help out.  We will be selling tickets that can be used at the booths from noon to two.  After everything is over I'll be taking a yoga class in the late afternoon.  I expect to come home exhausted, maybe a little tan and alot happy.  

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