Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 19: A New Teacher Trainee and 306 classes

Today was crazy bowling night followed by 9pm yoga. I did much better at the yoga than the bowling. :)
The teacher was Chris who just got back from spring teacher training in Acapulco. Anybody reading this who was there, just think of the pics where everybody is in their tiger shorts. Find a tall very skinny guy with longish blond hair and that's Chris! I had a very nice class (the back is getting better, sore but not as sore) and felt like I really put forth good effort and had some solid postures. I must confess, I was spurred on by the number 306 which I'll get to in a minute. First let me just say that Chris taught a very solid class. He said it was his tenth time teaching and he had a great flow. Some postures I thought maybe were too short, others long on the setup, but when all was said and done he hit the 90 minutes beautifully. I told him after class that he had fantastic dialog (he did) and a very nice almost hypnotic voice. His voice is deep and has great inflection and at the same time, its soothing and hypnotic. Very nice. I enjoyed his class immensely and really felt like he was present and loved what he was doing.
OK, the 306. Before class I was talking to the kid at the front counter because I knew he took his very first yoga class recently. Being new to working at the studio, he is also new to Bikram completely. I asked him how many he had taken since his first and he said, I don't know let me check the computer. He looked it up and proudly said "FOUR!". He was so pleased and said he liked it so far. He said you come a lot, don't you? I said yes, but you probably can't see how many times I've come, can you? He said yes and looked up my account. He informed me that I took my first class with that studio on April 13 of 2007 and that tonight was class number 306. That's three HUNDRED and six! I just thought that was so darn cool. I must confess, it worked for me in some instances ("stay in this bow pulling pose, you can do it, you've done this 306 times now, come on!") and in some instances it worked against me ("you really should be kicking out in this standing head to knee by now for God's sakes! You've done the damn thing over 300 times! And could you wrap your God damn legs in eagle already! Come on loser!")
So I decided after the standing series was over to really just get that number out of my mind for the time being and just be in the room for that ONE session. You know, be present!
Still, I like that number. Its cool.
Seminar coming up Saturday....and hopefully some pictures (pics really spruce up a blog I must say!)

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