Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 61: A substitute

Today was the nice Friday express class with Kirk the easy guy.  530 class that would get out 5 mins early.  Yes!  Reggi was not there, so I went on the totally other side of the room (see Roberta, I can move) and practiced near another regular, Christian for my Reggi substitute.  His quiet, strength, discipline, focus was much like Reggis and kept me going.  And, like Reggi, he has a sense of humor.  In full locust posture, Reggi and I always tap hands, like "hi, I'm here".  Christian did the same.  He tapped hands and then for fun, trapped my right arm down on the ground for a few seconds.  So once we both got into the posture fully, I returned the favor by shoving my arm under his and lifting him up.  I saw him smiling in the mirror and thought to myself, "this is soooo much fun!".  I love yoga.  I love yoga people.   I am mentally tired of going everyday and it's getting harder and harder to get there, but it's worth it!


  1. Congrats on reaching day 60! Today is my day 60 and I can completely relate to the mental fatigue. I convinced myself I was coming down with a stomach flu on Friday and sat in my car bawling after class. As I was sitting there crying, I couldn't help but laugh at myself because I realized there wasn't a damn thing wrong with least not physically. I just wanted an excuse for my poor performance in class. And the truth is, it wasn't a poor performance...just half-assed! At least I can laugh at myself, right?

  2. The closer I got to day 60 the more "half assed" practices I had, so I can totally relate! Esp. in light of my decision to continue on. I am questioning my sanity quite frankly! :)
    Congrats on your achievement! Quite a few students at my studio reached 30 days this challenge, but only 7 of us made it to 60. So great job Laura!