Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 56: You may have guessed this.....

so I'll just go ahead and say it: I'm going to continue on past 60 days. Me and this challenge, well lets just say we have some unfinished business. In many ways I feel I am just getting started on the challenge part of the challenge. I say this because today, I really didn't want to go to yoga. I mean really really did not want to go. It's raining and windy out and I literally had to drag myself out of the house for 1130 with Patty. Once I got there I was fine of course and had a fairly solid class. The room was not very hot and at one point I realized I was sore during yoga. Not any particular body part, more of a general all over soreness.
So my thoughts originally, once I knew I would go past 60 were to stop at 90. However, after reading a post on another blog I decided to do 101 days.
Here is the excerpt from that blog, it's a quote from senior teacher Mary Jarvis:
"Practicing 100 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga will change your life!!! But why 100? Why not 30 or even 60 days? Isn’t that enough? The answer, quite simply, is no. While 30 or 60 days is a great start and no small feat, in and of itself, it is still not enough. The first 30 days are basically a readjustment of the entire body’s cells, muscles, bones, and organs, setting the stage for the next 30 days. Day 1-30 deals almost solely with the body. Day 31-60, we start to get into the emotional “stuff”. As in the first 30 days, where we re-adjust the entire physical body, the next 30 days we re-adjust the entire emotional body while simultaneously regenerating and rebuilding every single cell in the body. We also begin to get into some serious realignment of the spine and the entire central nervous system. These next 30 days, you really begin to feel mentally fatigued, even in spite of the fact that you physically feel better than you ever have in your entire life!!!! This is the emotional readjustment. Day 60 -90, your body shape seems to suddenly change at an exponential rate, though you may not notice. These are the days when you start to hear all the “Wow, you look great! What are you doing?” comments. These 30 days are usually your best 30 days. Then there’s the final 11 days where you look and feel absolutely amazing, like a brand new human being. They say it takes 7 years to replace every single cell in the body. Well, you’ve cut that process down by 1/3 the time by doing 100 straight days. But, you may be wondering why the final 11 days and not 10? Because the number one rule of doing 100 yoga days is you have to show up for day 101!"


  1. AWESOME! I want to do this eventually. But it's a little tricky for me to schedule 101 days consecutively that I'll be in town and/or not have events on any of the weekends. Maybe in the Fall. For now I am doing 60 classes in 60 days w/ the option to do doubles as needed to make up for missed days. Heading out for my second class today as we speak. This will make class #10 so I'm 1/6 of the way done. ;))

  2. Ellen~ you go girl! You've got a great're going to make it no problem.

  3. I've been following your blog since day one of my own 60 day challenge (it's day 54 for me). I've never done a challenge before, and as day 60 gets closer, the more I'm starting to panic a little! A part of me just isn't ready to be done. (Of course another part of me thinks that part of me has lost its mind). You've definitely given me something to think about.

  4. Laura~ I've got that.....that part of me that wonders if I have truly lost my mind by continuing on. Am I a Bikram addict? Shall I start meetings? :)
    My non yoga friends look at me in confusion when I tell them I am going for 101 days. Don't you have a life, they think. I'm listening to the part of me that needs to continue on. Because it knows something I don't know. Good luck on your journey and thanks so much for reading about mine. I hope at least one post inspired you when you needed it. Michelle