Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 63: Cold and Clammy

Today was 1130 with Patty.  Reggi was there, finishing up the 930 and staying for 1130 to knock out a double.  I was happy to see her and commented on how she was "glowing".  She looked fantastic....had that Bikram yoga glow.  We practiced next to each other in the front, on the left hand side.  I enjoyed a strong, solid, graceful class again.  The only bad thing was the room was cold.  It was strange, because I was still soaking wet (there was humidity but no HEAT).  So in and out of postures I flowed, with breath, energy and strength....just couldn't go very deep due to lack of heat.  But it was good, in its own way.  Every day is different in that room and somehow, it seems I always get what I need.  I'm mentally exhausted from going every day and had to drag myself there today.  Then when I started class I realized, "oh crap, I have to pee".  I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't go away.  So I set a goal to leave during savasana, which is roughly 50 mins in.  Of course by the time I made 50 mins I figured I could finish and did not leave.  I just focused on my breath and let Patty's soothing voice roll off my limbs like a cool light rain and I somehow made it even being uncomfortable physically.  

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