Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 60: 60 day challenge complete

Whew!  That feels good.   To be finished with the 60 day challenge.  I know I am going to continue on, but it really is great to have that accomplishment under my belt.

Tonight was 5:30 with Roberta.  She busted me and Reggi for not moving.  We sheepishly protested a bit, "we are two spots to the right".  She said "that's not good enough, you are still front row, same side".  Damn.  The class was good.  She pushed, prodded and complimented Reggi and I.  I had my best Rabbit ever tonight.  When I came out of it she said "that was very nice Michelle".  Everything just clicked for me with that posture tonight.  My forehead was solidly on my knees, my heels together and my hips way up there, pretty close to perpendicular.  For non-yoga folks, Rabbit is a forward compression posture, where you start on your knees and sort of bend forward and make a u shape with your body, it's an inversion posture because the top of your head is on the floor.  I was going to take a picture tonight, but I look the same as I did at 30 days.  I will for sure take one when I hit 90, and of course at day 101.
60 down, 41 to go.....


  1. Well, congratulations, congratulations on finishing your 60 days! Quite the feat indeed. And even better is that, as reward, you're treating yourself to even more yoga. :)