Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 55: Head to Knee with Stretching pose

Today was 130 with King.  He is the owner of the studio and teaches an easy, not too hot class.  I parked myself to the left of his podium in the front row.  In the back row, lined up behind me was two instructors, Frank and Yuko and a regular named Amelia.  They are all very good and really kept me going.  
I have blogged a little about some yoga injuries....first my foot, then my hand/forearm.  They have all worked themselves out and are gone already.  Yoga heals yoga injuries.  Nice!
I've noticed lately that I've been making real progress in the forward stretching postures.   I never really understood what the teachers meant when they said to get into the back of your hips until a few days ago.  Once I felt that stretch for the first time it was like "oh, wow!".  Today I was on second set of head to knee with stretching pose (2nd to last posture) , right side and all of the sudden, it was like King was talking to me.  He said something about suck your stomach in (I did) and then said something about the lower back, and then locking the quad muscle and get your heel off the ground.  I was following all of his instructions and my leg actually locked, my forehead was still on my knee and my heel came a little bit off the ground.  That was the first time ever!  It wasn't easy and I noticed I stopped breathing (not good) but I finally felt how the posture is supposed to go.  It was awesome!  Perhaps Michelle is finally becoming a wee bit flexible?  


  1. Your progress is awesome, lady! How did eagle go today? And are you stopping at 60 or will you keep going?

    Much love!

  2. Hi Corva!!
    I was wrapping a little more than just my small toe today, but still not getting the "wrap". I am happy I can do it in a chair though!
    Progress abounds!
    I will be going past 60 for sure. I'll do a blog entry soon about that.
    Stay tuned!

  3. MP

    I am so proud of you! Dedication and your transparency are awesome!