Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 40: Fabulous 50th Friday with Frank

Yes, I am writing this post the morning after.  Sorry!  Last night was my fellow yogini's 50th bday.  In preparation for this day, she counted backwards and did 50 days of yoga in a row.  So today was 50 days of yoga on her 50th bday celebration.  Shelley is so full of love and light and was embracing her special day.  It was awesome!  She requested Frank to teach the 530 for us and he willingly obliged.  Michelle A, our friend who transferred out to the Green Valley studio when that opened came up for this class and was on day 65 herself (amazing!).  Reggi and Kim were there and Shelley's children.  There was a high level of excitement in the air, you could feel it during the first breathing exercise.  It was powerful.  We all had strong practices and were all wired for sound in the lobby afterwards, enjoying some cupcakes that Shelley's eldest daughter brought.  After yoga, Michelle, Reggi, Kim and I took Shelley to Blue Martini to celebrate further.  It was pretty crowded but we lucked out and got a table near the band that was playing.  It was a very nice night, full of great friends, love and laughter.  What more could I ask for?

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