Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 64: The hardest part is getting here...

That is what Frank said today during the 5:30 pm class. He says that alot and it usually doesn't register with me, because I love going to yoga most days. Today I argued with myself the whole way there. Then I sat in the parking lot, car running, fiddling with my ipod, not wanting to go in. It seems I have hit some kind of mental wall now that I've made the 60 day mark. Once I got in there, my practice was just mediocre. I had balancing issues so my standing series was not stellar. I could not for the life of me get into and hold standing bow, it was a struggle, whereas the day before I nailed some solid, respectable bows and held them almost the whole time. I certainly wasn't beating myself up about my raggedy standing series though, because I was just so proud of myself for winning the fight and getting my butt into that class! It is very interesting to me that the first 60 days were all about working through some emotional classes. That seems to have passed and now I'm dealing with the mental aspect of it. A friend of mine fasts for a day at a time regularly. I tried it a few times with him and it was very difficult to make that last leg in the evening hours when you are home alone and your tummy is growling. He said "that's when you know what you are made of, because nobody would know if you ate or not". He's right, the mental discipline that we maintain even when nobody is looking is what is important. So just like those last evening hours of the fast, this next month I will just need to push through and maintain that discipline , even when nobodies looking.


  1. Finished Day 64. There was a frangent oil sprayed in the room at the poodle I was petting. The oil spray got on the dog, then my hands, then my face. My face touvhed my chest, my lips touched my chest, then i could not breathe or balance and started hyerventaliating in a compression pose.

    Left the class angry at my failed practice, the oil, and my yoga car mate asking me to leave early right after our final spinal twist before we went into our final savasana. No mediation, shortened savasana. it is an important posture, not giggle and wiggle time(!)

    Left more anxious then when I arrived. Could not let anything go in the brain box today.

  2. Anonymous: Never beat yourself up about a failed practice. Every day is different in that room. Every single day. It never ceases to amaze me that we can go in there and have a different experience each time even though we do the same 26 postures. Pat yourself on the back for getting there and welcome what come next tomorrow....