Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 58: Metal??

Faint of heart, you may not want to read this.  It's a little weird.  Today was 5:30 with Adele.  Reggi and I changed it up and went to the left of the podium, front row still.  Ok, the deal with the front row:  it's not because we think we are bad ass.  I practiced in the second row a few days and the added distance from the mirror jacked me all up and threw my balance off.  So I suppose that means I should move around more, maybe even go to the back of the room, but I love the front row now.  Yes, I'm attached to it.  :)
The room was smokin' hot when we put our mats down.  So they opened the doors.  Then by the time class started, it cooled off too much and was well, too cold (yes, like the story with the bears and the porridge, I know!).  I was fairly strong up until triangle.  Then all of the sudden the taste of my sweat changed.  Gross, I know, but I must blog about it for the benefit of other yogi's who may experience it.  I want them to know it's normal (well, I hope it is anyway).  Suddenly I tasted metal and salt in my sweat.  Very heavy.  It was so bad it knocked me out of triangle on the left side.  I got back in and was like, yuck!  By the time we got to savasana, I started to feel weak and the taste in my mouth got stronger and stronger.  I was coming out of cobra series postures early.  I was dizzy, felt weird and couldn't stop thinking about this taste in my mouth.  The only only only thing I can figure is I'm running so clean right now, that I've tapped into some other deep layer of detox.  For my non yoga readers, I'm so sorry if I just freaked you out.  But blog about it I must. 


  1. Absolutely fascinating. Have you figured out what the metal taste was? Would love to know. Keep it up girl, you are an inspiration.

  2. One of my teachers in DC always said the "metal-mouth" taste comes from compressing your glands.

    I always get a funky taste when doing standing separate leg head to knee pose and any of the other tight neck-compression postures. Perhaps in triangle, you were twisting your neck deeper or stronger and that triggered a release of toxins from your glands?? Not sure...

    And as for moving around in the room... I've had many a teachers remind me yoga isn't about being comfortable, i.e., going to the same spot twice! Change, however uncomfortable, is good!

  3. ~Hannah~
    Interesting, what your teacher said. Sometimes, on my way to class, I think to myself what will I blog about tonight? I'm just doing the same thing over and over. And something always happens in that room. It never fails and never continues to amaze me. It's what keeps me going back there, day after day, unrolling my mat and standing in front of that mirror, welcoming what's next.
    I agree, change (even uncomfortable change) is good. I should move around more! In the room, and perhaps in life too. I love your blog by the way. It's mesmerizing.

  4. I am the same way about being near the door and NOT being in the front row. I know that I need to change it up and I do try to move around a little. Last night I was in the front row and it totally jacked me up as far as balance goes. I am just not used to being that close and seeing every tiny detail in the mirror.
    I've gotten the metal taste when doing the Master Cleanser or prolonged juice fasts. But when fasting I could also taste and smell the metal in regular tap water so strongly that I couldn't drink it. I would think that you must be detoxing something pretty heavy.

  5. ~Jen~ Thanks for the compliment (about being an inspiration). I get so much encouragement from all of these nice comments!
    ~Ellen~ Interesting that you got the metal taste with the master cleanser. I actually wanted to do the cleanse eventually, just haven't wanted to mess with my food while doing 101 days of yoga. But you're right, I'm probably detoxing like a maniac at this point!