Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 59: Type A?

Today was 530 with Oksana.  The class itself was completely uneventful.  This is good!  My soreness is well, still there, but not so much.  I'm really just cruising along physically.  Amazing.  Mentally, well, that's a different story.   With my social calendar picking up I'm thinking "what on earth possessed you to think you could do 101 days?  Why can't you just do 60, call it good and go back to 5 days a week?".  Because I can't.  I have to see where this goes.  I have to stick my head down this rabbit hole.  I cannot stop now.  Call me "type A" all you want, I just can't stop right now.  I'm on the verge, of.....something.   I suppose we'll find out, what that something is as I continue on for the next 42 days.

1 comment:

  1. I know you can do it! It's less than six more weeks out of your whole life that lies ahead of you. You'll have plenty of time for social engagements and your friends will still be there when you finish. ;))