Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 43: Finding Comfort in Discomfort

Today was 530 with Mark (english accent-manager-kick-our-butts-Mark).  Before going to class, I received a facebook message from brotha' George  who I wrote about in the last challenge asking when I practice.  He wanted to come share a practice with me.  I mentioned my blog to him last time I saw him and he has been following it, and putting some encouraging comments out there for me.  Well, he showed up tonight and practiced between me and Reggi in the front row.  It was amazing.   First of all, let me just say Mark was trying to kill us, or cook us, or something.  Sitting in the room before class I was already sweating, and by the time pranayama breathing was complete, my shoulders were burning and I was dripping.  I talked with Reggi after class and she said "I knew we were in trouble at that point".  Normally the heat doesn't bother me, but tonight it did.  I was HOT.   I was breathing HEAVY.  Struggling to keep the "in through the nose, out through the nose" breathing steady.  Oy vey.   Reggi and I both fed off Georges quiet, disciplined energy (we discussed this after class).  We were suffering.  But everytime I brought my attention to George, and felt his focus, I was inspired.  He just had a kidney transplant a month ago, and he was just doing his yoga.  Several people walked out and there was lots of yoga carnage...many people taking a knee by the time we hit triangle.  Yesterday George wrote on his facebook that he was finding "comfort in discomfort".  So today, as I'm suffering, I really tried to find that....comfort in discomfort.  And it was so fitting for today, because some events in my life in the past two weeks have caused me emotional discomfort, so trying to find comfort in the discomfort really takes alot of self love and self respect.  I think I am just going to keep "doing my yoga" and everything else will fall into place.


  1. I love this post Chica! Definitely what we call"comfort in discomfort!" George is a gem! Thank God he was there! Otherwise I might of screamed in pain! Love it, love it, love it! See you tomorrow to continue the journey of beautiful pain!

  2. Om my God, what was i thinking setting myself up between you and Reggie and in front of Shelley. I found myself breathing through my mouth but as I looked at you three focusing straight ahead somehow I was able to make the next posture, thanks for dragging me along and thanx for sharing your beautiful struggle it is inspiring more than you realize. See you soon, namaste.
    Brotha G.

  3. This is such a good reminder for me. I've been struggling a bit lately. But I know that if I do indeed "just keep doing the yoga" this rough patch will pass and I will be better off for it.