Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 62: Small Yoginis and Grace

Today was 130 with Frank.  I went on the opposite side of the room again and enjoyed the energy over there.  There were two little yoginis practicing near me.  An eleven year old girl and her eight year old sister.  They are visiting from L.A and both compete.  They have been practicing for two years and are amazing.  Frank had them stay in some postures after we came out so we could see their depth.  They both had such a quiet focused practice, I was in awe because they are so young!  At the end of class before final savasana Frank had the eleven year old do her competition routine for us.  All I can say is wow!  She is incredible.  What a flexible and strong little thing she is! 
I felt pretty good today and had a nice solid practice.  I was looking in the mirror thinking, who is this person?  I was coming in and out of postures during the standing series with a nice flow.  I actually looked.....well....graceful.  If you know me, you will know that nobody would ever describe me as graceful.  Growing up I was the pudgy girl with glasses and her nose buried in a book.  I got picked last for teams always, because I was the most uncoordinated klutzy kid you could ever imagine.  In high school I came out of my shell a little bit, but only because I realized I could do individual sports like swimming and cross country and not have to be all that coordinated.  So today, watching my limbs, long, flexible, fluid, gliding in and out of postures with ease and grace was something I would have never thought I would see.  I always strive to improve myself, but my clumsy, uncoordinated ways was not something I ever thought could be improved or changed.  I just accepted it.  So imagine my delight and surprise to witness the beginning of something so wonderful.  I can already tell, days 60 through 90 are going to be enlightening to say the least.  


  1. Today, I finished my day 62 in a row. I felt tired when I arrived and felt very old when I completed the class. Saturday am classes are mat to mat and that pushed up the temperature and the humidity.

    And tonight I am up much past my bed time babysitting for the neighbors.

    Lets see what happens tomorrow.

  2. Keep going! I'm starting to feel the "toll" mentally, I have to really talk myself into going, but physically I feel fantastic. Perhaps an afternoon class today would be just what the dr ordered so you have time to loosen up your body a bit by moving around normally. AM classes are hell on wheels for me. That first forward fold is a bitch, I feel 100!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do for your challenge.