Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 57: Finally Sore

Today was 530 with Frank.  I didn't look online beforehand to see who was teaching, so when I signed in at the front desk and saw his name on the sheet I got all excited.  "Yes! A Frank class! It's been at least a week!".  Frank really helps class go by, he is just entertaining as all get out.   Today Reggi and I parked ourselves in our "spots" and Toni Jo, another instructor was right behind us.  Frank was in rare form today, joking around as usual and payed the three of us a little bit of attention.  We loved it, as usual.  
So although the class was good, and I felt very strong, my feet were not cooperating.  They decided to cramp up on me today.  I hate that!  In the very beginning, like during my first 6 months, my feet consistently cramped.  Now it's pretty rare, but when it happens it is frustrating.  Triangle and floor bow were the two that triggered it today.  I had to sit and rub the cramps out and then try to jump right back in.  My lower back, hamstrings and back of my hips are opening up like crazy the past few days and because of that I am pretty sore.   I'm sitting here typing this and I'm glad that I'm sore.  I know, I sound like a batty yoga lady I'm sure, but being sore today tells me that I'm making progress and changes in my body and that is the whole reason I started this challenge to being with.  It took all the way into the 50's for it to start.  It just confirms that my decision to go past 60 is a very good one.  Otherwise, I'd miss out on whatever it is that is starting to happen to my body by interrupting my groove.  Also, after reading Mary Jarvis' reasoning for doing 101 classes, she piqued my interest when she said that between days 60 and 90 your body shape begins to change exponentially.  If that is in fact a true statement, I will be very pleased.  And yes, if it's true I'll be posting before and after pics for sure. 

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  1. I love your blog :) from a Bikram fan in NZL. It says exactly how I feel and I go every day! Sometimes twice a day. You hit the nail on the head with this one...