Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 44: Detoxing at its finest

Today was 5:30 with Connie.  She's a great instructor.  Inserts funny little sayings into her dialog and really encourages us to be present and work on the little things.  I went in the room feeling fine.  Then something happened.  During the balancing postures I was falling out alot.  I did not get frustrated at myself just kept breathing and getting back in (only to fall right back out, but hey, I was getting an "A" for effort).  So after a mediocre standing series, I hit the floor wondering what was going to happen there.  I flipped over for cobra and immediately my stomach started to roll.  I was like "WTF?"  I tried my best to get through spine series but came out of bow early both sets because I was soooo nauseous.  By the time I got to half tortoise I was almost writhing in pain.  I layed in savasana for both camels, trying hard to just let it go and not judge myself.  I decided to try rabbit.  Did the situp and went "oh shit".  My mouth was watering....you know that "I'm going to toss my cookies" watering.  I had to leave.  I was devastated.  I have only ever left the room once.  It was when I first started and it was during two minute savasana to go pee.  I have done over 500 classes and I just don't leave.  It's even rare for me to sit out postures, I try so hard to complete the class and give it my all every time.  But today, well, I left.  And threw up.  I was standing at the front desk, shivering, with a towel wrapped around me asking for a zico afterwards.  Class was wrapping up and I wasn't planning on going back in.  Patrick, this very nice young man who works the front desk handed me the zico and said "well, did you change anything today? eat something different? what is different about today?"  I just looked at him and said no, it's none of that.  Toni Jo, an instructor, was standing there and said "well girl, get in there and do final breathing.  You'll feel better.  You have to do final breathing, otherwise it's like taking a poop and not wiping your butt".  Gotta love Toni Jo!  So I did, I went back in, right in time for a quick savasana and then final breathing.  I could see Reggi looking at me with major concern when I came back in.  Her and I have been practicing together for soooo long and she knows I'm crazy strong and push myself and don't leave that damn room for any reason whatsoever.  We spoke for a bit after class and I said "wow, that was unbelievable, I can't believe that happened! But I feel fine.  Great in fact!" 
So there you have it.  Detoxing at its finest. 


  1. Thats what I'm talking about! My girl is a trooper! Keep up the beautiful struggle. Just pushing out any negativity in you life. Isn't that fabulous?

  2. Maybe only in Bikram could someone give the report on how they barfed in class, and have others think: "Hmm, what am I doing wrong, that's never happened to me."

    Good story.

  3. I'm totally with Duffy on this. ;))
    I have yet to sit out any postures or leave the room and I get the feeling that maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough if I have the energy to make it through the entire class every time. But I'm only 57 classes into my regular practice. No need to be a total rockstar just yet.
    Thanks for sharing.