Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 38: Bringing Friends to Yoga

Today was 530 with Darla.  For some reason I was feeling out of sorts today.  Not quite sure why but when I got to the studio and saw that I forgot to pack my yogi toes towel,  I got totally frustrated with myself.  Add that to Reggi busting my chops in the parking lot because I zoomed in there, parked and threw my door open, well, I was just stone cold busted for being out of sorts.  Sunday I went to a BBQ at a friends house and talked a bunch of people into coming to try yoga. There was supposed to be 6 or 7 showing up, but only 4 actually came.  I was excited, because 4 is alot!  One of the people who showed up is my friend Ray. His wife Jo, who already does Bikram has been trying to talk him into coming for awhile now.  So Jo was happy that I got him to come.  So it was Ray, another guy named Shon and two girlfriends of Jo's.  The girls, they rocked it out.  I think they are dancers already or something.  They did great.  Shon and Ray...they were funny.  Shon is all very athletic, toned, buff etc and was sooooo determined to get through that class.  Ray, just wanted to make it through.  Every time I looked at Ray in the mirror, he looked totally pissed.  I was thinking, oh crap.  After class Shon said he wasn't as strong as he thought and would try it again.  Ray actually said he would consider coming back when Dray's studio opens, because it's near his house.  Well, that studio is opening soon, so I may have to call his bluff.  :)
Reggi knew I was out of sorts and asked if I felt better after class.  And I did.  A little.  Some things are just bothering me today and there's nothing I can really do about it.  Except feel it, go to bed and start over tomorrow.  So I made it, through yet another yoga class, without any physical issues.  I am just amazed at how very different this challenge is compared to my last challenge.  Wow.  The only thing I experienced tonight was a little bit of mental exhaustion.  I was looking in the mirror during half moon thinking, wow, I'm not loving this tonight.  I'm a little sick of yoga today.  I could use a break.  So there you have it, the challenge appears to be mental this time.  

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  1. You keep me laughing only because I recognize the struggle, keep it fun!
    brotha G