Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 52: Yoga Prom?

Today was 530 with Goril.  I have not had her before, she's a visiting teacher from out of the country with a very cool accent.  Reggi was back after a two day absence and we practiced in the front row on either side of a dead mat.  There was a sopping wet towel/mat in my normal spot next to Reggi, so I went on the other side of it.  When class started Reggi and I were staring at the empty mat wondering what happened to the poor student who abandoned it.  We didn't move it when we came in, as it could've been somebody doing a double.  At least we had alot of space! :)
Reggi and I both agreed Goril had a nice "chill" style and the class was enjoyable.  I found myself not pushing very hard at all, but having a respectable practice.  I felt much much better today and feel myself picking up steam physically, going in the right direction again.  The left foot soreness I mentioned a few days ago is gone, but has been replaced by some pain in my right hand/forearm of all places.  I feel it when I'm doing standing bow and floor bow.  Floor bow is excruciating right now because it hurts to do that grip with this new pain.  
My yoga studio is doing a "yoga prom" at a nice restaurant in the palms casino to celebrate the end of the 60 day challenge.  It's cocktail attire and the person doing the documentary will be filming.  Its in a couple of weeks and I actually might go.  Of course I have to go stag, but another girl, a "regular" is interested in going too and we figure we'll also know alot of the people there.  I tried to talk Reggi into it but she rolled her eyeballs at me.  They will be handing out certificates to those of us who completed the challenge and serving a dynamite three course meal.  Oh what the heck, you only live once, right!  If I do go, I'll post some pics on my blog.  Us yogi's/yogini's usually clean up pretty nicely.


  1. Last challenge, we didn't have a prom. But there was a nice little party at a nearby casual restaurant. It was the first time I had seen most of the people with clothes on. And that was startling enough. I can't imagine what it would be like to see all my "sweaty" friends dressed up for real.

  2. hello - just checking in to say - awesome job and keep up the good work!

    I am 14 classes into my 60 day, woo hoo!

    feeling good - definitely see-sawing lately...some classes totally cool some classes i am all bumming out at my performance. just have to be what i be.

    thanks again for the inspiration! i thought about doing a blog but damn, i am so busy as it is...just thought i would not be committed to it...

    i'll keep checkin in.

    enjoy the dinner!


  3. Andy~ Congrats on your commitment to a 60 day challenge! I hope this "shakes" something out for you. My first two challenges were physical, this one is turning out to be completely different. Glad to hear its going well. Keep up the beautiful struggle!
    Duffy~ yes, indeed, "sweaty friends" dressed up will be interesting to say the least! :)