Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 39: Laughter, strength and alignment

Today I was laughing.  Alot.  I was laughing at my own tragedy and it felt GOOD.  I had to drop my car off today.  Two things needed to be fixed.  This guy with a funny unidentifiable accent calls me and says they can do one thing today but the other has to be done tomorrow, they are waiting on a part.  I ask if I can pick it up end of day today and bring it back he says yes.  I call back later to see if they are done the first thing and find out when they close so I can go get it.  The girl who answered puts the funny accent guy back on and he starts yelling at me:  "I already talk to you! I tole' you it stays 2 days! You don' listen!"  I was flabbergasted.  I reminded him he told me I could pick it up and bring it back.  So he says (get this!) "Ok, I put it back together enough for you to come get it!"  Oh my God! I was laughing sooooo hard as I was retelling this story!  I was like "what is he going to leave some parts out?"  I could picture him sifting through various greasy car parts saying "she don' need this part tonight, I leave this here". 
Fast forward to yoga at 530 with Frank (yes, my car made it to yoga).  More laughter.  Reggi was busting my chops before class about my no water class the other day.  She was like "did you see me, pretending to guzzle my water, and going ahhhhh".  I said "I wasn't looking at you.  I could see your antics out of the corner of my eye and by the time I got to fixed firm I was not in the mood to watch that!"  Anyway, we were laughing pretty hard about that too.  Then we get into yoga and Frank was his normal funny self and Reggi is giggling during yoga (not like her).  What great medicine laughter is!  I was so strong tonight!  Stronger than I've been all week.  My triangle was finally back to normal.  I say that because I normally stand on the painted line on the floor and in doing that I found that doing triangle with proper alignment makes my legs shake.  All that means is I was not in proper alignment before.  Tonight, our mats were closer together in the front row and we had to stagger, meaning I didn't get to go on the line and had to eyeball the heel alignment.  Well, I didn't do a good job, because I must've fallen back into my old "non-alignment".  My triangle was solid!  Ah, I miss that!  But I know that being in proper alignment is the right thing, even if my new triangle kind of sucks right now.  It will get better!  


  1. I love this post!:) I just smiled and chuckled while reading it. It really is amazing how a little laughter goes a looooooooooooong way. I love the part about the guy putting the car back together enough for you to drive it! Pure comedy!! On another note, Triangle is always a problem for me though it's getting better the harder I try to get low. My hips are so tight and proper alignment alludes me. I love how you're committed to doing it the right way. I have to remember to not skimp on this pose.

  2. I also have a hard time with proper alignment in Triangle but didn't realize that was the problem until reading this post. Sometimes I can barely hold the posture and then I pitch forward when it's over instead of being able to straighten up correctly - I'm guessing that's the proper alignment way. Other times I have much more control and it's far easier to lift right up out of the position - I'm guessing that means that my alignment is probably wrong. Thanks for this insight. I am going to try to pay more attention. ;))