Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 15: Crash landing and "second set!!!"

Today was interesting.  It was raining like crazy when my alarm clock went off....oh to stay in bed all day!  By the time I got to work, it had slowed down and later in the morning, stopped.  It proceeded to clear up a little, but was cold enough for a coat.  Love this weather!  I was feeling a little melancholy today because some pretty heavy things have been on my mind of late.  I have this very uneasy feeling that I can't seem to shake.  I know it will go away but I carried that feeling with me at work all day and brought it to yoga....laid it on my mat.  
Yoga class was 530 with Adele.  Reggi was there (yay!!!) and we both went to our usual spots, front row, to the right of the door, side by side.  I love practicing next to Reggi, she is very focused and her and I drift along on each others energy many times.  Sometimes we are even in sync with how we feel, rockin' out killer postures, or suffering together.  Today we were suffering together a little.  I really felt it during the spine strengthening series.  The past few days I have felt very strong and flexible during those four postures.  Today I just felt like I had little lead weights tied to my hands and feet in cobra and full locust.  The crash landing happened second set of full locust, I came out early and not gracefully at all, I just sort of collapsed.  By the time I got to floor bow, I truly felt like I was in some medieval torture device.    I was a hot mess.  Reggi's suffering didn't become apparent to me until a bit later.  After the first set of half tortoise, we were coming out of savasana and Adele said "and now..." and trailed off like she was having to think about it and Reggi shouted out "second set!!!".  I was so surprised that it startled me.  Reggi doesn't make a peep during yoga EVER.  She follows perfect Bikram yoga room etiquette every day!  I figured she was about to bolt out the door or something!  In the locker room afterward she was laughing about it and making a little motion with her hand like "hurry up" because she was suffering and the comment just came out of her mouth of its own accord.  Pretty funny!  Ok, I'm quite sure this was one of those "you had to be there stories" but I just started laughing as I was typing it.  Good times.  Helps me with my blues!  Thanks Reggi!!!

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  1. ROFLMAO!! That is SO hilarious that anyone would shout out "second set"!! I can totally imagine it. Way to go Reggie! I like her and I haven't even met her. Thanks for the laugh. :D