Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 22: A beautiful struggle

Today I had a paid company got to enjoy a 3 day weekend.  The plan was to do a double today.  Sitting at my computer this morning, I decided on 1130 am with Stephanie and to go back later for 330 with Frank.  To make things even better, Shelley texted me that she was needing a Frank class so was going to meet me at 330.  Well, suffice it to say, after the 1130 I had to text Shelley and let her know my double was a no go.  
1130 with Stephanie was great.  The only reason I didn't pull my double is I did something to my foot in standing bow.  I fell sideways and felt something pop on my right foot.  Walking into the locker room after class it was sensitive....ouch.  So I decided a double would not be smart.  As I sit here and type this, hours later, the pain has completely gone from my foot and all is well.  phew!  I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry.  I'll have to double it up another day.  I think I'll just throw an extra yoga outfit into my bag and instead of planning my double will just stay for an extra class when I feel strong.  
Dray was in the class with me today, and was practicing behind me, to the left a bit.  He is my favorite teacher on the planet who unfortunately doesn't teach at my studio anymore.  So when I run into him and he is just practicing, that is still cool too.  He gave me a big hug before class and was happy to see me.  I love his energy!  During half moon, he had a big smile on his face and Stephanie even said, breathe and smile, just like Dray.  When we got to the floor series, he messed with me a bit in full locust (for non yoga folks, picture laying on your tummy and doing a superman type pose, arms out, chest up, legs squeezed together and up).  First set he was messing with my feet.  I was cracking up.  Second set he put his arms under my feet and lifted me up.  So I had to hold my feet up higher than normal and by the end I was shaking...but I didn't want to crash land or put my feet lower because I knew I'd mess up his posture.  It was totally fun!  That is what is cool about being a regular.  You'll get an instructor who will just push you, because they know what you can do...perhaps more than we even know.  They become familiar with our practice in a way that we don't even see, because they are standing up there watching...observing....seeing strong classes and seeing not so strong classes.  They see our beautiful struggle.  That's what this yoga is....a beautiful struggle....

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