Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 20: I'm not driving the bus

Hmmm...where to start.  First off, happy Valentines Day everybody!  
Today was 11:30 am with Roberta.  I didn't get enough sleep last night, and had a bit too much wine.  Not great conditions to start off with.  However, I did eat a small breakfast at 9 and drank a liter of water between 9 and 11 to prepare.  Soften the blow of a painful class I was hoping.  Roberta worked us pretty hard and even called me out on the carpet.  Like a small child, my mind was wandering a little bit when we started triangle and I turned my foot before I was supposed to.  Roberta said "michelle, don't turn your foot until I tell you.  You're not driving the bus I am" which elicited some chuckles from my classmates and a sheepish smile from me as I swung my foot back around, only to have her then tell us to turn it.  After that I really made an effort to just breathe and stay present.  I felt pretty good until the end of class.  The last three postures were just suffering as I was wiped out and it was hot hot hot.  After class I was aware of some soreness in my shoulders.  Must have worked extra hard for Roberta!

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