Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 25: Progress on a toughie....

Ah....530 pm with Kirk the "self proclaimed easy guy".  Gets us out 5 mins early most of the time.  Plus he puts a little humor in there with the dialog and really engages everybody.  I had a very strong practice minus one little glitch.  The past two nights I've gotten foot cramps right around triangle time.  Bad enough to sit down and rub it out for a minute, then I pop right back up and join in again.  It's frustrating and just tells me my potassium must be off.  Time for the daily banana again.  I haven't needed that in awhile, but it did happen during the last challenge.
I'm happy to write that I felt pretty balanced mentally today and was really focused during the whole series.  Posture of the night:  locus!  The one where you are laying on your stomach, arms are trapped under your body, first right leg is held up, then left, then both legs come off the floor.  I remember in the days of yore when it was hard to get my right arm under my body and my wrist would scream out in pain.  Now they fold under nicely with no pain and I've really been working on getting my palms flat on the floor, elbows close together, fingers spread out to get that solid base.  Well, lately that has been paying off in the form of getting the leverage to get my weight into my shoulders and get into my upper back.  In fact, tonight my legs came up off the floor, followed by my pelvis starting to raise up!  Holy shit!  When I first started my feet would hardly come up, much less any of my legs.  I remember laying there panting in agony (arms/wrist) and trying to get those legs up, to no avail at all!  These little things make my heart soar with happiness.  Who would've thought?  

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