Wednesday, February 18, 2009

day 24: empty

Tonight was 530 with Mark....not English accent Mark, but young Mark.  The one with the nice dialog.   Class goes by fast with him.
I keep waiting for the physical impact of this challenge to kick in.  A sore this, or that...something that prevents me from continuing forward in a nice easy fashion.  But that is not happening.  My body is happily humming along.  Its my heart that is having a sore this or that....something that is preventing me from practicing in a happy manner.  Wow! Don't want to be a depressing blogger, so I'll just stop for the night and sum up how I feel right now, which is a bit empty actually.  Perhaps tomorrow will bring back the happy?  :)  

1 comment:

  1. I love the honesty, and how aware you are of your journey... trudging through the emotional stuff.

    Sometimes it seems as though we are drowning in it, or the opposite - numb. Give yourself a huge pat on the back... rather than running, you've chosen to grab the bull by the horns. Keep at it!

    Bikram Yoga gives us focus and clarity of mind to sort through all the lying voices and find the truth... the truth will liberate you!

    I wish you peace and joy. (((hugs)))