Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 30: Made it Halfway!

Oh yeah, made it halfway!  Tonight was 5:30 with Stephanie.  They fixed the heater.  More like the HUMIDIFIER! It was crazy crazy hot in there.  We were sweating (dripping) before class even began.  
I promised a 30 day pic, and did not deliver.  Sorry.  Before class was pandemonium.  I invited a bunch of new people and two showed up (great turnout in my opinion!).  The parking lot was FULL from the 330 and 430 classes being packed out (Mon-Wed has just been like that lately) and the water coolers were not disposing water, they were drained, so I had to buy water.   Anyway, between running around getting my two new friends set up and introducing them to the teacher and the "veterans" (see: Reggi, Kim, Amanda and Shelley~ you rock girls!!!) I was busy and hence, forgot about the pic.   
The class:  strong again.  Sorry.  Nothing exciting to write.  I feel FANTASTIC!  I feel strong, flexible, sexy, yogini-like.  Its all good.  Let me bask in the niceness of this right now.....ahhhhh!
My friends:  they had to sit down alot.  It was hot hot hot.  This was interesting:  the girl who has run marathons was sitting down more than my girlfriend who works out ZERO.  But they both stayed in the room, and it was frickin' hot today.   Steph had mercy on us and gave us major love with fans and doors, but even the regulars were breathing harshly and sweating profusely and looking around like "are you trying to kill me".  So kudos for my two friends staying in there the whole 90 minutes!  yay!   Both said they would probably not be back.  Which doesn't surprise me, I seem to get that reaction a whole lot more than the "I love this! sign me up!"  Which again, makes me think "what the hell made me, this horrible 200 pound mess ...stay???"  Whatever it was/is......I am grateful for it!  
By the way:  there have been quite a few of you leaving comments and following my blog and I want to say....thank you.   I appreciate so much the encouragement and those of you that have blogs too, I have read them and want to say:  keep up your beautiful struggle....it's worth it.  I promise.  


  1. i have just started bikram! i bought a 10 day pass and have really fallen in love with it, im so glad you're documenting this journey. i can't wait to read more :)

  2. Hi! Welcome to Bikram Yoga. I love that you feel in love with it already...because that is the way it is. Most people I bring hate it, but I keep bringing friends because I know that the one who does fall in love with it, it will change their lives! Good luck on your 10 day pass!