Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 8: Discombobulated

I don't know if that is truly a real word...discombobulated, but that is exactly how I felt today!  I guess I just made a word up, quick call Websters and get that sucker added to the dictionary pronto!
I had to work late tonight, so didn't get to yoga until 6:30.  I was feeling out of sorts after a long day at work.  630 was in the small room and Connie, who I had yesterday, taught.  The small room is never used on the weekends for normal classes, and being that I go to the 530 in the big room during the week, well I hardly ever get to practice in the small room.  I went in a few minutes early to lay down in savasana before class.  When Connie came in and turned on the lights, I stood up and looked around in complete confusion for a moment.  The first thing I noticed is my mat had moved quite a bit from where I set it down before changing, and didn't notice that when I came in for savasana.  The second thing is I looked in the mirror and my body didn't look like mine at all.  It's not that it looked bigger or smaller or better or worse, it just looked, well, different than it did yesterday.  Lastly, being in the center of the room, second row, starting at different colored walls and window coverings was also throwing me off.  Now, I have practiced in this room many times in the past, and even have practiced at different studios.  So these feelings were certainly not the norm, as usually I don't care where I am, I'm just happy to be doing yoga.  Feeling disoriented, I started in on the breathing and just tried to focus on Connie's voice.  By the end of practice I felt fine, good in fact.  I did notice I had trouble with balance during the floor series, but instead of getting irritated with myself, I just focused on my breath and kept trying to get back into the postures, not passing any judgement on myself for not being able to do today what I easily did yesterday.
Physically I feel very good, except for a faint soreness in my hamstrings and legs.  I noticed it a little bit yesterday, and it's still there.  It's nothing that is hindering my practice, and it's not affecting me outside of the yoga room yet either.  But like distant thunder clouds threatening to bring in a big storm, that faint soreness makes me wary, because I remember the hamstring/lower back pain I had to suffer through off and on last time I did a 60 day challenge.  

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  1. No need to add discombobulate - it's already in there.

    I looked in the mirror the other day and felt like I didn't look like myself. Don't know why or what was different, but there was something. Almost like I didn't recognize myself. Weird.

    Sounds like your challenge is going pretty well so far, though. Keep up the good work!