Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 23: Oh Angry Me!

In a blather.  Angry.  Pissed.  I didn't start off that way....
Tonight was 530 with manager of the studio Mark....cool english accent and very strict Mark.  No, he's not the one I was angry at.  In fact, he taught a nice class and even called me out by name with a couple of adjustments to push me a bit.  No, he wasn't the problem at all.
The floor series was great.  I was fine.  Until 2 minute savasana between standing and floor series.  That's when it started.  Heavy heavy breathing from the guy to the left of me.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't fly off the handle as soon as I heard it.  I pretty much try to ignore what's going on around me, because I know everybody has their own struggles and has off days.  At first I figured he was just winded from the standing series and was trying to calm down.  Boy was I wrong.  He did this very deep very loud heavy breathing the whole two minutes.  As we all laid there his breathing just got louder and louder and louder.  By the end of the two minutes I wanted to literally scream "shut up!" at him and then bolt from the room in frustration.  It took all of my inner resolve to lay there and be quiet.  It was insanely loud.  Like a cross between somebody who just sprinted a mile with a bunch of muggers chasing them and somebody in a deep sleep about to snore loudly.  He continued this heavy loud breathing through the entire floor series.  After camel is when I really was pissed.  I was laying there just mad.  I did glance over at him a couple of times like "WTF dude?" but he was off in his own world, oblivious to the fact that he was breathing louder than 40 people combined.
Anyway, I write all of the because on the drive home I realized this wasn't about him at all, but about me.  I am not an angry person, hardly ever feel the emotion of anger.  Disappointment yes, sadness, yes, hurt feelings, yes....but anger, not so much.  The last time I did a 60 day challenge I ran the gamut of all emotions.  It really brings crap up and out.  The important thing is it brings it OUT.
Sitting here at home, showered up, relaxed and typing this I'm not angry at all anymore, in fact the feeling I have right now is more like....amusement.


  1. Hey Michelle!
    I was in class next to a really loud breather the other day, too. It sounded like a lawnmower. I was also annoyed for a while, and like you, I laugh about it now. Yay for yoga.


  2. The breathing doesn't get to me but I get really distracted about where people sit and then I obsess on it. Which, of course, attracts more bad energy! So, I'm trying to say to myself "it doesnt matter if they have to move/I have to move/ someone who is new is in front/ takes my mirror space" because I will be successful in spite of this..the mirror space in particular makes me nuts. What I've found is that I can tune more into my body when I don't have the mirror..so, whatever. Glad you feel better about it!