Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 27: A Double: Just plain hard work

Today I knocked out my double and am all caught up. I have now done 27 classes in 27 days. Yippee!
The first class was 9:30 with Anastashia. We were in the small room because some guy was working on the heater in the big room. It was packed packed packed and hot hot hot. I had a great strong solid class.
After resting for 30 mins, I went to the big room for 1130 with Frank. I was trying to just keep an open mind and not have any expectations for the second class. Well, I was a train wreck. I could not keep my arms up for half moon....they kept collapsing. After half moon I was fine up until Triangle. I ended up sitting out second set of triangle completely, I just didn't have the strength to hold myself in that posture. Also, I was very dizzy for most of the standing series....I mean seeing black spots dizzy. Once we got through the standing series and hit the floor I was fine. Rocked out a solid floor series, including another awesome locust posture. My body feels....sore right now. I'm just very aware of my lower back , hamstrings and shoulders.
Doing that double was tough and I will really try not to miss any days the rest of the challenge because I would not look forward to that torture again. I'm glad I did it though! It feels good not to have that missed class hanging over my head any more.
Update on the weight loss: I actually put a pound on this week and so instead of 8 pounds down I am 7. However, my pants are all getting loose, and last night I put on a pair of size 10 jeans and they fit very well. I can feel my midsection getting very lean. I think that by the time I hit my goal weight I will end up being an 8 which is better than I was expecting. So I was not fazed at all by the number on the scale today because I can see in the mirror and feel with my clothes the changes that are already happening 27 days in.
Now to jump in the shower! My daughter and her friend want to go to the cool outdoor mall tonight and will no doubt want to walk around by themselves for a little bit.

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I have not yet tried a back to back double, but you give me hope that I will be able to pull it off eventually. Keep up the good work!