Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 9: Friends

Ah, my yogini buddies, how I have missed them!  Today was a very special treat for me.  Not only did I reconnect with my best yogini buddy Reggi (who was out of town for a couple of days) but I also got to see Roberta again.  Roberta is an instructor, who hails from Brazil (we love to call her our Brazilian bombshell, well, because she is!) and was spending the holidays back in her country.  She came back today and was in the 530 class with Reggi and I in the front row, jet lag and all.  AND she has this killer deep tan, because it's summer in Brazil!  How cool is that?  It was great to see her and I can't wait to take her classes again.  Before she went back home, she was getting quite the reputation for kicking our asses.  She is young, beautiful and has that cool accent, so while she was straight torturing us we could not even get mad at her.  Personally, I LOVE the teachers that kick our ass because if they don't do it I sure won't.  I need that extra push!  
Barbara was there tonight, and Shelley walked in after our class for the 7:30 so we got to chat her up on the way out.  I was "high on friends" when I left....my heart was just full of love to bursting!  Yes, I realize that sounds really freakin' lame, but that is truly how I felt.  I am so blessed to have met these wonderful people through this yoga.
I'm feeling that wonderful sense of mental well being starting to kick in the past couple of days.  I forgot how much going to yoga EVERY day without breaks starts to straighten my shit out.  


  1. Oh I hear ya...been to yoga 20 days now... all those days in a row change life... "how lucky are we!"

  2. I've just started a 30 day challenge. I totally understand the bliss that Bikram yoga brings, and the blessing that every instructor is to our lives! Keep it up girl!! Namaste