Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 48: Change of Plans

Well, I went to the 5pm class with Frank tonight.  I had a pretty good class except for standing bow pulling posture tonight.  I could not seem to get in it and actually stay in.  I was falling out falling out.  Arrgh.  Oh well, I've never been strong on balance, so when I do stay in, its a nice treat.
I was going to come home, empty the dishwasher, shower, put around the house and watch more episodes of Lost (I am in the middle of season 3 right now.  Great show!).  However, I just got a text from a friend, "texas hold 'em at my house 8pm!"  Eeek! Its 7:11, I am eating my Jenny Craig and then need to hurry and hop in the shower quickly.  Not going to miss cards with good friends!  Lucky for me he lives a couple of miles from here....
that being said, I gotta go!

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