Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 50: Dragging

Dragging myself to yoga....dragging physically.  Certainly a change from how great I felt mid week.  My fault though,  I stayed up too late both Friday and Saturday night this weekend and had a great time with friends.  I picked Ash up at 4 today and we went to the 5pm class together.  A girl that just got back from teacher training this spring was teaching, I've never had her before.  The class was not all that full, and there was static coming out of one of the speakers the whole time.  And for such a small class, almost half were brand new, in their first week.  Ashley said she wasn't "feeling the yoga" when we got there and she was dragging just like me.  In addition to being tired, my body was so damn sore today.  My lower back, my hamstrings, and my right knee.  All those parts felt stiff and sore today.  I was literally almost unable to do that first forward fold.  I felt and probably looked 100 years old going into the first set.  The whole class was difficult for me with my knee soreness, I could barely lock that knee.  I'm not sure why all of the sudden today it is sore.  I hope I can work through it OK for the next 10 days because I still have three doubles to pull out of my behind if I want to be on that 60 challenge plaque! 

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  1. Just wondering how your weigh-in went... Hope it was what you were hoping for!

    Good luck on the 90 day revised challenge!