Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 45: A beautiful dream

Today was 5pm class with Roberta.  The class went by so fast....like a dream.  I was almost surprised to find myself in final savasana.  I felt very strong today and had minor breakthroughs in a couple of postures.  In standing bow pulling posture I kicked up further than I had ever kicked up before and got a cramp in my calf.  I was like "yes! a cramp, means working past my comfort zone!"  Who gets excited over a cramp?  A yogini I guess.  In locust posture I really worked on locking out my knees and kind of really stretching my legs back.  Hard to explain, but I was making adjustments as the dialog was happening and things were starting to make sense.  
15 more days to make 60.  Which means 4 of those days have to be doubles for me to make it.  Yikes.

I can do it!  (Thanks Shelley, Michelle and Karen for encouraging me, if you aren't giving up on me, how the heck can I give up on myself!!)

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  1. 60?? No way, we're doing 90 sister. Giddyup, halfway home babe!

    I will NEVER give up on you. Whether or not you give up on yourself is up to YOU!