Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 51: Bouncing Back

I felt 92 all day at work....cringing and creaking every time I stood up from my desk.  However, once I got to yoga, my body started to bounce back.  Today was 6pm with Connie.  Ashley came with me and a lady from work, Lynn joined me for her first time.  Lynn is in her 50's but exercises every day and has maintained a very nice figure for years.  She did fabulous!  She only sat out twice...just one set on two different postures.  She really rocked it out for her first time.  I think she liked it too.  She might come back on Wednesday with me.
Ashley had a tough practice and I was feeling fine today.  Yesterday was my tough practice, so I really sympathize with Ash.  She's going to take the day off tomorrow, which means I'll be able to run over to 5pm with Dray.  Dray has been splitting his time between our studio and the Green Valley studio, so I just don't get to his class as often as I used to.  Glad I will catch him tomorrow.  I'm feeling much better after that class tonight.  Hopefully I won't feel 92 again all day tomorrow.  Hopefully I have worked through the soreness and will come out on the other side.  The body is an amazing machine, now isn't it?

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